Policies and Procedures

policies and procedures

The employer should consult with employees to develop, review and implement service specific and agreed OHS policies, procedures and associated forms or templates.

Consultation with employees when developing, reviewing and implementing OHS policies and procedures will lead to better solutions and increase the level of involvement and ownership by employees. It is also a legal requirement to consult on matters that will, or are likely to, impact on the OHS of employees. This includes consultation when developing, implementing and reviewing such policies and procedures.

Document control is an important part of developing, reviewing and implementing OHS policies and procedures. With the transition of old and new committees of management, it is important that:

  • key OHS policies and procedures are identified
  • the latest versions are uniquely identified to avoid confusion
  • there are timelines for review of these documents to ensure the content is kept current and valid
  • electronic copies of the latest versions are kept in a secure location, with regular backups taken.

Please click here for templates and guidelines or contact ELAA for assistance in the development of policies and procedures for your service.