Privacy Statement

1. Our commitment to personal privacy

KPV respects your right to the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. We observe and comply with all relevant government legislation, regulations and industry codes of practice.

2. KPV website privacy statement

This website has a privacy statement to explain how personal information is protected. It extends to other services provided by KPV online.

3. Examples of personal information we collect

KPV collects personal information through this website when, for example, you wish to download resources or you supply credit card details and delivery address information for an online purchase.

4. What we do with your personal information

Information is only used for the purpose for which it is supplied. In some circumstances that will mean we have to disclose some or all of that information to our suppliers or contractors and/or their agents or employees.

5. Opt in to marketing information

If you have explicitly indicated your agreement, (i.e. opted in), we may also use this information from time to time to send you details of relevant new promotions, products or services from either KPV or our partners.

6. Accuracy of our records

If you feel that the information we hold about you may be incorrect or inaccurate contact us by email or otherwise in writing to correct any such inaccuracy.

7. Monitoring of website use

KPV does not keep records or monitor individual’s use of our website. Our website hosting provider may keep logs of individual machines and their use of this website. We monitor general usage of our site and use a variety of technologies, such as cookies, or JavaScript for this purpose.

For all KPV services generally provided via this website (other than those provided to a specific email address) we don’t collect personally identifiable information.

8. Credit card security

KPV does not collect or keep or record credit card numbers via its website e-commerce system. Those details are routed direct via a secure link to our e-commerce payments gateway and, through them, to your financial institution.

9. Email addresses

KPV requests email addresses to facilitate our member communications and/or for the delivery of services. Those email addresses are kept secure and confidential and will never be sold, leased, hired or rented out to third parties.

June 2011